Angela Delgyn, creative web design, making appealing websites, your life by design

A bit about me

As an artist, writer and published author, I enjoy creating graphics, painting images that speak, and making appealing websites. And with an aptitude for out-of-the-box thinking, I bring a fresh approach to repetitive tasks/events.

Back in the Systems Department of old, I was involved in the manual methods of forms design. Precision was everything and a typo would cost hours of re-working a paper-plate. Ten years on, mainframe computer operating was the order of the day, processing the data of a growing financial institution.

The early days of crafting application software were challenging, despite my colleagues best efforts(!) It was only after leaving to start a new career that a loud ‘ker-ching!’ occurred and I was able to develop my own computer-based systems for running a small business.

A secondment into Job Analysis helped me realise that I actually preferred working with people instead of focusing on computers, so clearly change was needed.

Having an eye for aesthetics, be it digital, artistic or even fabric form, means I’m at home with tone and colour, but it’s light that excites me! With a childhood interest in model-making, the 2 and 3D mechanics of construction form part of my thinking. Being able to bring many talents together into creating appealing websites is ideal.

As the collaborative flow gathers momentum, so too does my mind. When client thoughts start spilling out at random, I begin plucking them from the ether, simultaneously building them into vibrant form.

These magical moments are difficult to quantify, but are the true essence of creativity.

For your copy to attract the correct clients, it’s important that the ideas and essence of the copy come from you.

  • • Finding someone with the skill to draw out what you couldn’t articulate is priceless.
  • • Seeing your business vision take pictorial form is exciting!
  • • Creating copy that marries your frequency with that of the business vision … is the cherry on the cake.