Angela Delgyn, creative web design, making appealing websites, your life by design

A bit about me

As an artist, I enjoy creating graphics and painting images that speak, giving your site a personal touch. As a published author, I enjoy writing copy that conveys your work in words the client will appreciate. I’m here to bring a fresh outlook to what you want to express in the world.

Having an eye for aesthetics, be it digital, artistic or even fabric form, means I’m at home with tone and colour, but it’s light that excites me!

So let’s apply 360 degree thinking to what you offer and see what we can create. Join me in the collaborative flow and allow your thoughts to spill out at random; I’ll pluck them from the ether and build them into something new and attractive.

When it comes to your copy and attracting the right clients, it’s important that we draw the ideas and essence of the copy from within you, to compliment the business vision.

  • • Finding someone with the skill to draw out what you couldn’t articulate is priceless.
  • • Seeing your business vision take pictorial form is exciting!
  • • Creating copy that marries your frequency with that of the business vision is the cherry on the cake.